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our mission is to fuel your mission.

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In the fall of 2018 Shane Hart and Leland Harmell met for the first time and there was instant synergy. Leland has been brewing Kombucha for nearly a decade and honing his culinary skills for twice that time. Shane has been working with herbs and nutritional supplements for over 30 years and is an organic lifestyle advocate.

Together they founded Rainbow Cloud and worked with their friend Matthew to obtain his award winning “Rainbow Cloud Kombucha,” which has been around since 2012 and was voted “Best Kombucha in the Northwest” at the Oregon Fermentation Festival.

Rainbow Cloud is a labor of love, a small business run by two families, everyone from kids to grandparents steps in from time to time, roles up their sleeves, and works hard to bring you the best kombucha & kefir water ever.

“Our mission is to fuel your mission.”

Shane & Leland

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